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Tile installatioN

The perfect look for your floors

To have a stunning house design is the goal of many people, where not only the functionality is important but also the aesthetic aspects. This includes the walls and floors for each room, especially with regard to the kitchen and the bathrooms. A professional tile installation will provide a clean and beautiful aspect to your home that will never go unnoticed. Besides, the material natural resistance will allow you to delight in your investment for many years.

The separation spaces between the tiles are not a minor issue in the decoration of the floors. Therefore, a specific material (glue) must be used to reduce movement, improve the adherence of the pieces and avoid the accumulation of water and dirt, because these elements can easily destroy the aesthetics of the surfaces. The connection joints have to be respected so that the movement of the structure due to the thermal variations amid original pavement and added tiles, do not cause landslides.

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The best in Tile Installation

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Bowes Expert Ceramic Tile Co. is an experienced professional company specializing in elegant and durable floors and bathroom remodeling in Florida. Our work has been featured all across the Tampa Bay area for more than 30 years. We use top grade ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, natural stone and marble material.

A methodical placement of every piece is undertaken by our professional personnel as to your preferred pattern. It could be staggered running bond that offers depth and variety, porcelain that appears as wood plank which requires strict precision and more. If you are looking for a versatile style choose the herringbone one that can be used even in your bathroom. Our labor has a superior characteristic and is guaranteed to allow you to enjoy the investment for a long time.  

If you are interested in a professional tile installation in your house, condo or apartment, we are your answer. Bowes Expert Ceramic Tile professionals bring meticulousness planning, design and the best workmanship. Contact us below or call to schedule a free appointment.  With so many styles and designs, the possibilities are endless for remodeling your floors or bathroom.

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